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How to Keep Child Hydrated Outdoor with Tupperware In 4 Ways

Children are less attracted to water so keeping them hydrated in outdoor activity is no less than trouble. Unlike adults, children’s bodies don’t cool down as quickly thus offering them water until they crave it is nothing sane. By that time, a kid is often already dehydrated. The situation may turn fatal when the body starts losing fluids through sweating faster than being replaced. To keep your child hydrated outdoor, therefore, more than necessary.

eco bottles

Tupperware containers offer specialized kids ware which makes carrying liquid and other outdoor nutritious snacks a piece of cake. Traveling with the right quantity of plain water, sports drinks & juices in BPA-free Tupperware containers ensure your child stays hydrated & high-spirited when running a marathon.

Quench Thirst by Nutritious Drinks: Hand-Held Ergonomic Tupperware Bottles

how to Keep Child Hydrated Outdoor

Since drinking plain water in large quantities may be way too boring, you may introduce tempting beverages to him, before and after the training sessions.

Eco bottles by Tupperware containers are ergonomically designed which makes it easy to grip them. With a minimalist approach to storage, these eco bottles can slip easily into your child’s backpack.

Fruit Juice Tumblers with Pouch by Tupperware Containers

Tupperware containers Thirst break tumblers with pouch

Another option to take healthy liquids, packed with nutrients is to carry them into virtually liquid-tight tumblers. This High chandelier holds 1.5 liters of liquid and can keep your child hydrated outdoor at all times. Fill it with fruit juice and offer your child a few gulps of whole fruit juice during a break or when he looks torn & demotivated outdoor.

Please take note, limit fruit juices to only outdoor strenuous activities since it contains more concentrated sugar than the whole fruit.

Carry Fruits & Vegetables Along: Small Goody Box


Nothing beats the efficacy of fruits & vegetables when the question is about staying hydrated. Fruits and raw vegetables supply a heavy dose of nutrients. Most of the fruits are healthy sources of water for instance citrus fruits such as oranges, watermelon, etc.

Carry your fruits & vegetables in a small goody box by Tupperware containers. It is a set of 4 stackable containers in different colors. You can associate each color to the fruit & vegetable category to help you twiddle through during snack time!

Flavor Beverages Win: Tupperware Beverage Buddy

Sports drinks are the need of time. When out in the heat and involved in a vigorous activity; sports drinks help you regain the lost moisture. They are rich in electrolytes that help your body stay functioning smoothly.

Offering your child nutritious sports drinks at the end of every session keeps him hydrated outdoor & motivated for the next. It is however crucial to observe caution since sports drinks are usually high in carbohydrates.

how to Keep Child Hydrated Outdoor

Tupperware Beverage buddy has an easy-grip handle and a spout opening that dispenses the beverage without spilling. Contains 2L of water which makes it a perfect beverage dispenser for a small group of children traveling outdoor.

Keep Remind Child To Stay Hydrated Outdoor

Packing your child with healthy & nutritious snacks from an early age of life develops good food choices. The intelligent food choices act as a subtle reminder to help your child stay hydrated later in his life when things are more tough and challenging.

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