Tupperware for Babies

Tupperware Bottles: How to Choose a Baby Bottle for Formula Milk?

tupperware bottles for baby

tupperware bottles for baby

It is a pre-determined fact that your baby chooses the feeding bottle, not you. As per the pediatricians; there is no need to spend a fortune buying feeding bottles for the infants. There are many varieties available in the market from plastic to glass & steel. However, the best of all; have been Tupperware bottles due to them being light weight, ergonomic & BPA free.

Choosing Formula Milk Tupperware Bottles

The needs of the child grow continuously, hence the key is to first introduce the new born with breast-feeding. As the baby gets accustomed to nursing; you could eventually offer him the various different feeding bottles & let him pick what he finds the best.

Glass & steel bottles for babies are already out of consideration because the former carries risk of injuries and later is considerably heavier for the new born. Tupperware being FDA approved offers the safest feeding bottles for infants that feature Tupperware mascot to attract the babies & toddlers alike.

Choosing the Shape of the Teats

Teats are either made of latex or silicone, however; in rare cases a baby may develop allergy with latex. Teats are available in various shapes where flat top, tapered edge etc are common. Replace the teats when they become discolored or get damaged. You do not need to cut the nipples that come with Tupperware bottles as they are already designed to adjust to the palate of the new born.

tupperware teat

Taking an extra mile for the health & hygiene of the baby; Tupperware bottles made for formula/breast milk, boast a teat that replicate the nipple of a mother. It comes with a tri-flow system where you can allow an adequate quantity of milk to flow through the teat as per the drinking needs of the infant.

Choose through the Different Sizes of Tupperware Bottles

Tupperware bottles for babies are available in 5oz and 9oz. Choose the size as per the daily intake of your baby. If your baby feels hungry at irregular intervals of time & sip through only a little quantity at one sitting; try having 2 feeding bottles. Instead of resting the leftover milk in the bottle till the next time your baby cries; divide the milk in equal quantity in two separate bottles. This way you limit the bacteria growth from the mouth of the baby into the milk.

Feeding Bottle Gear

Feeding bottle gear consists of many accessories such as bottle brush, warmer, carrying cases, sterilizers, dishwasher bottle baskets etc. Doctors though recommend to only have a bunch of burp bibs, 1 cleaning brush for bottle & nipple each along with 6-12 bibs.

Tupperware bottles are light, reliable as they are strong & unbreakable. They pose zero risks of injuries as compared to the glass bottle. Tupperware bottles for babies make use of fine quality plastic, offering life time warranty. You can claim an exchange if you find your baby bottle leaking, cracked, discolored or damaged. Buy dishwasher safe & BPA free feeding Tupperware bottles here at an incredibly reduced rate here.