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Kids Tupperware: Should I Sterilize Baby Food Containers?

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Sterilizing kids Tupperware

Kids Tupperware, teats & bottles

As per WebMD; sterilising your baby’s water bottles and teats is unnecessary and more of a work load as thorough cleansing with mild detergent and cleaned water supply does the job effectively. However, if unfortunately your water supply is compromised or you fear it for harboring bacteria and contamination then you must sterilize your baby’s bottles, teats, pacifiers & rings either via conventional boiling method or using a sterilizer specially manufactured for this purpose.

“Sterilizing the bottles and nipples is also unwarranted. Thorough cleaning with soap and water gets rid of almost all germs. And once on the bottle, the nipple begins to pick up all the germs in the environment, so a “sterile” nipple and bottle is just a pipe dream anyway” WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Dan Brennan, MD on May 08, 2018

At this point it is important to note that not all baby bottles are created equal. Kids ware made from cheap plastic may leach harmful chemical upon heating. Get your baby kids Tupperware that is free from BPA hence safe for kids. It is dishwasher safe & steriliser safe.

At what Age should I Stop Sterilising Kids Tupperware?

  1. As per famous pediatricians, you can stop sterilising kids Tupperware once he begins solid food and that becomes a practise by 6 months. Since baby bottles have nooks and corners that may settle dried formula milk, it facilitates bacterial growth. Sterilising will kill all harmful bacteria & help keeping your baby’s bottles squeaky clean.
  2. Re-sterilise after a period of 24 hours. Also sterilise the scoop you get with the formula milk.

After 6 months, baby’s immune system has fairly developed & he becomes less vulnerable to infections & diseases. It is better to take important decisions in terms of choosing specialised kids Tupperware as he switches from expressed breast milk or formula milk to semisolid food & purees.

Kids Tupperware such as plates, bowls, sippy cups, spoons & straw bottles do not require sterilizing as they are easy to clean unlike baby bottles. As he grows, his need grows. Get your baby Kids Tupperware set including everything that serves his feeding needs from training cups to straw tumbler & easy grip bowls. It comes with straw brush & bottle brush that ensure thorough cleaning of every equipment.