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Plastic Kitchen Storage Containers: How to Store Cereals Long Term?

Plastic kitchen storage containers for cereals

plastic kitchen storage containers

Although it is recommended to buy only the required quantity of cereals, you may find yourself falling for tempting grocery sales at times. When you buy breakfast cereals in bulk the first thing that concerns you is storing it the right way to keep them fresh longer. Plastic kitchen storage containers could be the best option as they are inexpensive, transparent & airtight. Tupperware storage boxes maximize the life of cereals once opened by extending it to 3 months when stored away from direct sunlight & heat. Keep cereals from going stale by choosing your plastic kitchen storage containers wisely.

Plastic Kitchen Storage Containers for Breakfast Cereals

Packaged and unopened cereal stay good for up to a year in your cabinet. Once opened, it becomes easily stale due to the exposure to humidity and sunlight. Choose round/oval/cylindrical plastic storage containers for breakfast cereals as they are easy to pour from. Tupperware cereal canisters with dispenser tabs are ideal for storing pasta & cereals fresh longer.

If all of your family members have different choices when it comes to breakfast cereals, chances are you end up getting a bulk of cereals every month which of course you can’t finish as quick as it goes stale. Storing cereals of all types and pasta in plastic kitchen storage containers will extend the life while keeping it crisp and flavorful until the last bowl of cereals. Write the storage date on the container using a label so that you can keep track of the expiration date.

FAQs about Storing Cereals

Plastic kitchen storage containers for cereals

How long does an open Package of Cereals last?

It completely depends on the storage method. At room temperature if cereals are stored in airtight plastic kitchen storage containers then it stays good for about 3 months.

Is opened cereal safe to consume after the expiry date has passed?

Yes, the cereals manufacturers put “best by date” on the packaging which indicates the time, cereals stays at its peak quality. After the expiration date has passed, you can still safely consume the commercial cereals provided they have been stored properly in an undamaged airtight plastic kitchen storage container away from direct heat & sunlight.

How do I know the cereal is spoiled?

The best way to detect spoilage is by smelling it. If the cereal develops an off odor, changes appearance or texture or if mold develops then it’s the time to discard it.

How to revive stale cereal?

You do not always need to toss off the stale cereal particularly if it’s the last bowl. If you catch your cereal has gone stale before you add the milk you can probably resurrect it. Spread the cereal on a sheet pan and slide it into the oven at 375 for 5-10 minutes and enjoy the crunchy cereal!

Minimize food wastage & keep it fresh longer. Plastic kitchen storage containers by Tupperware extend the life of your staple food ingredients from dry beans to herbs, breakfast cereals, pasta & even flours. How do you store your everyday kitchen ingredients?