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How to Thaw Meat Safely? Here Are 3 Simple Ways

We all know that freezers keep our meat fresh but do we really know how to thaw frozen meat safely? Leaving a slab of raw meat on a counter may be temptingly convenient. What can really happen to that frozen piece of well-grilled lamb from last week? And how to thaw food in a plastic container or unfroze chicken in Tupperware?

The truth is, we often don’t question the bacteria that grow on our food until we see the foul effect. However, just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it is still safe. Whether you’re defrosting soup, sauce or chili in Tupperware, here is how you do it the right way.

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How To Thaw Meat Safely

Defrosting can be deceptively dangerous because you are removing food from a place where bacteria cannot grow. Below the freezing point, bacterias are unable to grow due to the extreme cold. However, they are not killed. Once you remove food from the freezer, the bacteria growth will restart.

It is also important to know how to thaw cooked meat safely. If you cook your meat in soup, sauce or chili, you may think the cooking process will save it. While cooking does kill off the pre-existing bacteria, it doesn’t stop new bacteria from coming in.

Here are 3 ways you can thaw meat safely both raw and cooked:

How To Thaw Meat Safely

Leave in the Refrigerator

This is arguably the easiest method of defrosting. Instead of leaving your container on the freezer, you simply move it to the chiller. When defrosting food, it is important to remember the  “Danger Zone” (40 °F – 140 °F or 8 °C and 60 °C) where bacteria thrive. Since refrigerators store food at 40° F or below, this ensures that your food stays outside the danger zone while it defrosts. It is also an easy way how to thaw raw meat safely.

However, this method requires some early planning as even small containers may take a whole day to defrost. If you’re someone who plan meals at the start of each week, this method is suitable for you.

Defrosting Food under Cold Water

If you wonder how to defrost chili in Tupperware that you forgot to do yesterday, you can try this. Clean and sanitize your sink before filling it with cold, potable water. Place your food in completely leak-proof and waterproof packaging and submerge the container.

This technique is a less recommended way to defrost food in plastic containers. Despite the potable water, sanitized sink and leak-proof container, there is still a risk of cross-contamination. You must also make sure that you finish defrosting within two hours. This is because food can easily reach the Temperature Danger Zone.

Nonetheless, if you follow the guideline safely, it is a good alternative for a quick fix.

Heating in a Microwave

The quickest method is to take advantage of technology and use the defrost setting of your microwave. Defrosting in a microwave is fast, simple and completely safe when using a microwave-safe container. This method is best used for small items and a good choice for how to defrost soup in Tupperware.

All of the microwaveable Tupperware products are marked with the microwave-safe logo, which has a dish at the bottom and electromagnetic waves flowing above the dish.

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When unfroze food in plastic container, it is important to check whether your storage box is suitable for microwave heating. Ensure that the container and its lid are labeled microwave-safe. Be sure to also leave a small gap for the steam to escape.

Microwaving is also safe for raw food provided that you’re cooking it immediately. Nonetheless, with raw food, cross-contamination is always a danger. Make sure that your container does not leak any juice that would later contaminate other food in your microwave.

You may also have to stir the food to ensure good heat distribution. Take care that your food has fully defrosted before cooking. This is also how you can unfroze chicken in Tupperware.

How About the Defrost Plastic Container?

There is no single rule on how to unfroze food in plastic container. However, you must make sure that it is suitable for your chosen defrosting process.

On how to defrost sauce in the plastic container, for instance, you should one meant for freezing. This would remove the need for transferring food between containers. However, if you’re using an ordinary freezer-safe container, you must not defrost using the microwave.

On the flip side, to defrost your food in the sink, a microwave-safe container may not be enough. Instead, you need to make sure that the defrost container is leak-proof.

Tupperware has all of the containers to suit your various defrosting needs. Whether you’re looking for something leak-proof, microwave-safe or freezer-friendly, Tupperware has the best solution. You can decide how to unfroze chicken in Tupperware and choose a suitable plastic container.

Final Thoughts – How to Unfroze Meat Safely

Freezing may keep our food fresh but bad thawing can spoil it all. This is why good thawing and freezing techniques will protect your health and that of your loved ones. With proper knowledge on how to thaw frozen meat safely, you can save time, money, energy and even health!

Whether working from home or at the office, you can easily manage your health and nutrition by cooking food in large batches and freezing them in small Tupperware mates. With containers that are BPA-free and designed especially for freezing and/or microwave use, you can cook and work worry-free and be the superstar you’re always meant to be.

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