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Can I make Overnight Oats with Tupperware Containers? Tips & Reasons

Tupperware Oats

Unless you are a food blogger, it is not necessary for you to use it. You can still make the best overnight oats with your all-time favorite Tupperware containers. Not only does it taste perfect, but guess what.. it’s definitely Instagram worthy too!

overnight oats Tupperware containers

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A trending pattern of healthy eating can be found all over the world. However, healthy meals can take a whole lot of thinking when it comes to prepping. Instead of your typical eggs and bread breakfast, many have opted for overnight oats. Often when looking up recipes, people tend to use mason jars to store the overnight oats.

Can I Store Overnight Oats in Tupperware?

If you look up the reason why many prefer using a mason jar to prep their oats, this is because mason jars might allow a better saturation of oats because of their deep and cylindrical shape.

Unfortunately, mason jars are not one of the best things to have especially with toddlers in the house. As much as they look pretty, they are also easily breakable. Not only that, they are huge on storage space too!

On the contrary, Tupperware containers are affordable, reliable and available in pretty colors. And, they work just the same as mason jars!

You must be thinking, are Tupperware containers really suitable? It is definitely a big YES to that question. As you know, Tupperware containers are certified BPA free making it able that can withstand high heat and even cold temperatures without any leak of harmful substances. With the high quality made, you are one worry away from having plastic odor in your overnight oats stored in the containers.

Tips On Choosing Your Container for Your Breakfast Prep

What Tupperware You Should Look For?

Serves as one’s comfort food, overnight oats are an all-time favorite when it comes to breakfast. With the hundreds and thousands of different recipes found on the internet, you can prep them in just any flavor of your choice. It can be sweet and savory, it is really up to you.

Being one’s comfort food, not only it is rich in nutrition but it is easy to consume too, making the perfect meal for both adults and toddlers. Since there is no need for cooking or baking but only saturating of the different ingredients, there is only one rule to make the perfect overnight oats with a Tupperware container.

The container that you choose should be deep in height with a spill-proof & airtight seal that helps set the layers keeping the aroma locked in.

Why Choosing Tupperware Containers for Your Overnight Oats Is The Right Choice

Why Choose Tupperware For Your Overnight Oats?

Choosing Tupperware containers over glass mason jars for making the delicious overnight oats have a couple of benefits which we will talk about below.

Travel Friendly

They are travel friendly. If you are always running late for work, simply fetch some overnight oats from your refrigerator and pack it fearlessly in your bag. The anti-spill, air-tight seal keeps the oats from turning soggy and prevents accidental leakages.


They are convenient to eat from. Admit or not, while those mason jars make picture-perfect overnight oats showing all the layers; it is one of the most difficult tasks to eat through it. It gets hard to dig into the lower layers. You want to chunk on your fruits, oats and seeds equally in your every bite; so try Tupperware containers that are wide, deep and flat.

More Servings

Make more than one serving per preparation. Even better, with the variety of sizes for you to choose from, you can now make overnight oats for your entire family. This means goodbye single servings preparations! Not only do you save the extra time, you even save space in your refrigerator too!

Final Thought

We all have our lazy days situation but it is important not to miss breakfast. Overnight oats are exceptionally the easiest and greatest breakfast for such days. Easy as it is to prepare, consuming them is equally as easy. Not only they are healthy but they keep you fueled all day!

Take a container at work, or toss one carelessly in your backpack for hiking on a cloudy day. Looking for a safe and easy alternative to mason jars for your oats? Tupperware containers are definitely the choice you should opt to go for.

With all that overnight oats talk, what are you waiting for? Start prepping your breakfast for tomorrow. All you need to do is add in some fresh or dried fruits, seeds & nuts, a dash of milk and yogurt. If you want some flavor, you can add in some cocoa powder or even peanut butter. Mix, chill, pack and eat all day using the same container! No mess, no spills but a happy meal!

Get Tupperware Container Now Prep Your Overnight Oats!

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