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How to Freeze Meat Safely

Can I freeze chicken in Tupperware? Can you freeze raw or cooked meat in Tupperware? What is the best way to store meat in Tupperware Freezermate? How to freeze meat safely is just as important when it comes to food safety. Many people are aware of the risks of food poisoning if meat is defrosted incorrectly. Since the point of freezing is to keep food from spoiling, it may seem free from the danger of bacterial infection.

This is a dangerous false preconception. If you are preserving food with the wrong techniques, bacteria can still get into your food. You can use the best defrosting method possible and still feed harmful bacteria to yourself and your loved ones.

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Why Freeze?

In order to understand why it is important to know how to freeze meat safely, we need to understand how freezing works. When we freeze meat, we are keeping it in a condition too cold for bacteria to grow. Freezing does not kill the bacteria, but only stops it from growing.

Thus, every time you expose frozen meat to room temperature, the bacteria growth simply restarts. Any food, but especially meat, should not be kept in the “Danger Zone” (40 °F – 140 °F or 8 °C and 60 °C) for more than two hours.

While the process of freezing itself doesn’t come with safety risks, how you freeze your meat affects the chances of bacterial contamination.

How to Freeze Meat Safely

How to Freeze Meat Safely

1. Freeze Meat Straight Away

  • Raw Meat – Most people know that they should keep raw meat in the freezer immediately. Can you freeze raw meat in Tupperware? Of course! It is better to take out the meat from its packaging and stack it in storage boxes meant for the freezer. Tupperware’s Freezermate is the solution.
  • Cooked Meat – It may surprise you that you cannot leave cooked meat outside for long too. The heating process may kill all of the bacteria from the raw meat. Nonetheless, the moment your food cools down, more will hop by and start a new colony. So, if you’re not intending to eat it within a few hours, pop them into the freezer. You can also freeze cooked meat in Tupperware.

2. Freeze in Batches

If you think this step is redundant, or too inconvenient, think again. Every time you take food out from the freezer, you are risking a burst of bacterial growth. If you store your food in bulk, this means that bacteria would multiply every time you remove it from the freezer.

Instead, freeze meat safely by taking Tupperware storage mates and dividing your food in smaller portions. At the time of consumption, you will only have to defrost the little quantity of food. On top of protecting your health, it will save both time & energy for you. Freezing a whole batch of food and then having to thaw and repack it all is a nightmare.

3. Freezing Chicken in Tupperware Storage Mates

If you’ve been wondering, ‘can I freeze chicken in Tupperware’, you’ll be happy to know you definitely can. Chicken can spoil faster than other forms of meat so it should not be left outside overnight. Food poisoning often occur due to consuming food that had been improperly stored. Re-freezing thawed meat contributes directly to food-borne diseases.

For how to store chicken in freezer, the best practice is to keep it in airtight/seal tight Tupperware storage mates. We have mentioned earlier that keeping food in seal-tight storage containers is a good idea. This is because any chances of airflow would allow bacteria to creep in and spoil your chicken further.

The Ziploc bags are also prone to leakage. This may cause a disaster in your freezer due to spilling of meat juices. Not only would it be a huge mess, it would also spread bacteria to all of your food. Therefore to freeze meat safely, it is also a good idea to freeze your raw meat separate from your cooked food.

4. Label your Containers

You froze your chicken neatly in Tupperware containers for all but a day. When it’s time to reheat lunch, you cannot find anything and you spend forever opening containers, checking their content. By the end of it, you could not even stuff the plastic containers back in. That is not the best way to store meat in Tupperware Freezermate.

If this always happens to you, adding labels will be a huge blessing. Labeling your food containers will prevent you from tumbling through your freezer. It becomes easier to scan in an instant which storage container contains what food.

Can you Freeze Raw Meat in Tupperware?

100% yes. In fact, we will recommend it as Tupperware’s freezer storage containers are designed for freezing meat safely. The tight lid will also ensure that the meat juice would not leak and spoil your other food.

Tupperware freezer safe symbol

Tupperware Freezer Safe Symbol

While the answer to ‘can you freeze cooked meat in Tupperware’ may seem like a no-brainer, there is actually a huge reason why you should. Accidents can happen no matter how hard you try to prevent them. Thus, you should prepare for the occasion. Storing cooked food in Tupperware ensures that even if something spills, your cooked food is secure from bacteria.

The best way to store meat in Tupperware is to use Tupperware Freezermate for both cooked and uncooked meat. Remember to follow all the guidelines above to ensure that your meat stays fresh and your body stays healthy.

Final Thoughts

Freezing meat safely should not be a hassle but it must equally not be overlooked. Remember that bacteria are present even in fresh food. So, you must take extra care to stop them from harming you and your loved ones.

With quick action, forward-thinking as well as proper tools and planning, you can truly be at peace knowing that you’ve protected your family’s health as best as you can.

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