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Do not Buy Pre-Packaged Ground Meat: Mince it at Home

Hand Operated Tupperware Fusion Master Mincer

Grind meat at home using Tupperware Fusion Master Mincer

Little did you know that ground meat carries the greater risks of pathogenic contamination than the whole meat. Food enthusiasts and hygiene experts have long been debating over decades whether should you mince the meat at home or is it better to prepare your meals using store-bought ground meat. Since a single portion of store-bought mincemeat can be an amalgam of various grades of meat from different parts of several cattle, it is always a better idea to have your meat minced at home. Tupperware Fusion Master helps you prepare healthy & hygienic delicious meals for your family that is free from coloring, additives & fillers.

According to research, mincemeat carries higher risks of salmonella breakouts since the pathogens usually grow on the surface of the meat but in case of ground meat they are randomly distributed in the interior of the meat once it goes into the grinder. Therefore, getting fresh portion of meat from the store and then grinding it on your own at home will bring you peace of mind & comfort of consuming hygienic food that is free from contaminants.

Which Meat Grinder is Best: Electronic VS Hand Operated?

Hand Operated Tupperware Fusion Master Mincer

Manually operated mincers are great for small families having little needs of food intake. Tupperware Fusion Master allows you to prepare fresh batches of mincemeat. Not only you can control fat composition but you are also 100 % aware of what you are feeding to your family. While electric mincers can get the job done in minutes; they are potentially expensive, bulky & complex to assemble. Hand operated grinding machines on the other hand are cost-effective, comes with the ease of use (can be operated just anywhere- no need of power outlets) light weight & easy to clean.

Tupperware Fusion Master: How to Grind the Meat at Home?

It is suggested to operate smaller portions with manually operated mincer. Since, it can be time taking, meat could warm up to the temperature where the growth of pathogens is expected. Moreover, minced meat is usually served at below 160 degrees thus food borne illness can be an issue. To prevent the risks of contamination it is suggested to get single cut whole meat & get it grounded at home. For preparing the best mince- toss the meat in freezer for 40 to 60 minutes until it is cold & firm but not frozen.

Tupperware Fusion Master

Tupperware Fusion master allows you to prepare smaller batches of lean and or coarse mince. Prepare the herb- infused, aromatic meat blends for kabobs, burger patties, sausages, meat balls & meat loaf etc. After you are done, wash all parts thoroughly under running water & let them air dry. Store the blades & inserts as directed.

Grinding meat at home does not guarantee your food is free from pathogens. Make sure to cook it an internal temperature of 160 degrees- temperature where the bacteria is inactivated.