Tupperware Care & Usage

Tupperware Containers: Use Plastic Safely

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Plastic containers break down over time. Using plastic containers inappropriately does not only reduce the span but also lead to chemical contamination of your food. It is important to understand that using Tupperware containers out of the purpose they were manufactured for, voids the warranty & may even lead to speed up the food decay. Use your Tupperware containers safely & wisely and make the best of your investment.

Tupperware Containers: Learn the Codes

All plastic containers are embossed with “plastic codes”. The markings reveal whether or not your plastic container is safe to re heat food. Containers with markings 1, 2, 4 and 5 are generally safe to store your food. Whereas 3 and 6 should be completely avoided. Last but not the least, plastic containers with code “7” are safe to store your food but upon reheating they leach strongly cancer causing chemicals i.e. BPA. They contaminate your food and make it too toxic to be consumed by humans.

Using Tupperware Containers in Microwave

Only use microwave safe Tupperware containers to reheat your food. Keep in mind, that microwave safe Tupperware containers are only meant for “reheating the food” under the given circumstances. Reheat while keeping the vent open only for 2 minutes. Provided, you need to reheat more, stop the microwave & stir the food. Reheat not more than 3 minutes in total.

Tupperware containers safe for microwave are not intended for cooking.

Using Tupperware Containers in Freezer

Tupperware Storage Freezer Mates

Tupperware manufacture special containers for storing food in fridge & freezer. Tupperware freezer mates feature recessed bottoms that allow quick freezing and thawing. Storing food in containers not meant for freezer will experience freezer burn, degraded texture and loss in color.

Handle Hot & liquid food with Care

When storing food rich in fat & sugar, it is important to observe caution or else otherwise you will end up staining your containers. Let the boiling gravy or broth cool down a little before you convert it into Tupperware container.

Always store food in shallow containers with air tight seals. As per FDA any leftovers refrigerated within 2 hours of cooking are good to consume for a period of 2 to 4 days. If storing for a longer duration, please freeze the cooked food right away in right containers