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Tupperware Storage: Is it Safe to Refreeze Meat once Thawed?

refreezing meat

refreezing meat

Improper storage of meat risks perishing & causes serious health concerns. Refreezing meat once thawed will take a toll on the quality & taste, if does not contaminate it.  As per the US department of Agriculture; refreezing meat that was thawed using hot water or on counter top must never be consumed. However, defrosting meat using microwave or thawing it in a refrigerator shall keep it safe. It is fair to assume that in the absence of appropriate storage containers, handling animal protein run the risks of serious bacterial growth. The Essential set of Tupperware Freezer mates would be very handy to store ground & lean meat, steaks & poultry while making meat batches for the week ahead.

How to Refreeze Thawed Meat?

Any type of meat that has been thawed in the refrigerator can be refrozen safely, provided it has not been there for more than two days.

Thawing & refreezing meat in Tupperware Freezer Mates

However, it is very important to store meat in appropriate storage containers that could withstand sub-zero temperature. Meat that is handled improperly could lead bacteria to multiply before you are able to cook it.

  • Meat that has been defrosted using cold water or in microwave should be cooked immediately before it is put in the freezer again. As per the FDA, either of the methods could take temperature high up to the 40F which is considered favorable for the growth of microorganisms. Unfortunately, refreezing will not do the trick since only further cooking can destroy the bacteria.
  • Upon thawing, meat will lose some of its juices and moisture thus the quality begins to deteriorate after you refreeze it. To maintain the texture of the meat, avoid using plastic bags and ordinary storage boxes that cause freezer burn due to uneven air flow. Ordinary boxes will create icicles in the structure of the meat that will harden the meat fibers.  Essential Set contains various sizes of Tupperware freezer mates  that accommodate different cuts of meat for instance shoulder, with bones, chops etc and help locking in the freshness. Every time you take a batch of meat out, you will be surprised to find it as fresh and juicy as it was on the day first.
  • Tupperware freezer mates are designed for efficient freezing and quick thawing- credit goes to its recessed bottoms that allow sufficient air flow in the freezer to help freezing the contents faster.

You can also refreeze the leftover or unused portion of the previously cooked food. Cooked food should be frozen within 3-4 days. Always use Tupperware freezer mates to maintain the taste, texture & nutrients locked in!