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Best Air Fryers Under $200: Review, Recommendation & Buying Guide

With their rising popularity in recent years, air fryers are nothing new. Their versatility and health benefits make them a great option for cooking. A wide range of dimensions, capacities, and pricing is possible for these containers! There is a wide range of prices, starting at $50 and going all the way up to $200. With so many alternatives, you may prefer a larger, more powerful device with the superior build quality, so look at $200 models. For this reason, we compiled a list of the 5 best air fryers under $200 with the most desirable characteristics. 

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What Exactly Is an Air Fryer?

You may use an air fryer on your kitchen counter like a convection oven. The main appeal of an air fryer is that it uses so little oil (less than a teaspoon) to produce perfectly crispy fries, wings, and veggies that you’d never get from a deep fryer, much less at home.

Convection ovens, like air fryers, have two critical components: a source of heat and an airflow fan. It makes the food crispy. Air fryers use a fan and heating element mounted on top to circulate hot air over food in a basket.

The basket is essential because it keeps the swiftly moving hot air in direct contact with the food, rather than being hindered by a pan or cookie sheet as in a conventional oven.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Fryer Under 200$

The following features should help you choose the perfect model for under 200$.  The vital factors to consider before buying are given below:

Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Fryer Under 200$

1. Capacity for cooking:

There are several sizes of air fryers. When deciding on the best, you should take into account the space.

It’s possible that you won’t need a really large cooking area if you only have a few people in your family.

Make sure the fryer can cook enough for your family. You must also consider the amount of space available in the kitchen to determine whether or not it will fit. If your kitchen is compact, get a small air fryer.

2. Time It Takes for Cooking:

An air fryer’s cooking time is determined by its heating capability. Those models with a 1200 and 1800 watts wattage should be used for the quickest results. To get oil-free meals in just 15 minutes, use a higher wattage.

3. Range of power/wattage:

Most air fryers that cost less than $200 have a wattage of 1700. The higher the wattage, the more frequently you’ll use it for cooking for a large household. Because they use so much power, these versions cook faster.

4. Handle with an Ergonomic Shape

An air fryer’s handle is one of its most vital components. Even when the unit is full, you must ensure that it is comfortable enough to handle. It should also withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Heating Range

Your food’s outcome will be determined by the temperature settings you’ve chosen for the appliance. So it’s also vital to consider.

6. Feature of auto-shutdown

Models with this capability allow you to multitask while cooking to save time. In addition, they safeguard your property against a possible fire hazard.

7. Ease of Use

It’s easier to use an air fryer with a digital touch screen display than one with a rotary knob. A timer, cooking presets/programs and other options may be found on the LCD. So buy one that contains those features.

8. Ease of Cleaning

Air fryers can be difficult to clean. Because of this, you must guarantee that most of the components are non-stick, detachable, and capable of going into a dishwasher.

9. Free Accessories

In addition to the frying basket, you should also look at the additional accessories that come with the package.

In addition to a cookbook and removable storage baskets, you should also inspect a cake pan, double tier rack, nonstick-coated drawer, drip pan, and grill pan.

10. Warranty

Even if you don’t know anything about the air fryer, you can tell its quality by examining the guarantee. Most low-costs come with a 1-year guarantee depending on the manufacturer.

Our Top Picks

TitleKey FeaturesRemarks
COSORI 5.8QT Dishwasher-Safe  Air Fryer5.8-Quart Air Fryer11.9 Pounds weight cookbook with 100 RecipesBest Overall
Ninja AF101 4 Qt Air Fryer4 QuartsBlack/grey color available10.58 Pounds weightRunner Up
Ultrean 4.2 Quart Air Fryer4.2 Quart 1500W 1-year warrantyBest Budget
Instant Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Fryer10 Quart 1500 wattBest Quick & Even Heating
GoWISE USA 8-in-1 5.8-QT Digital Air Fryer8 in 1 fryer1700-Watt 5.8-QTBest Beginners

In-Depth Review for Best Air Fryer Under $200

Finding a dependable air fryer model might be challenging, particularly if one has a limited spending capacity. We pick the 5 best air fryers in 2022 after extensive research. Now it’s time for an in-depth review:

COSORI 5.8QT Dishwasher-Safe  Air Fryer

Here comes our best overall pick for the best air fryers under $200. Why do we rate it as the best? Well, there are lots of positive sides to this fryer.

With a 5.8 quarts square basket, the COSORI Air Fryer Max XL can fit a complete 5-pound chicken. Additionally, the units with square corners lack the flexibility and additional cooking area that square-cornered units provide.

Consequently, it is capable of simultaneously cooking enough meals for three to five people. You’ll also like how less oil it consumes than typical ones, saving you even more money. This translates to lower-calorie, high-quality meals.

This model is equipped with 13 cooking modes to increase versatility in the kitchen. 11 settings, keep warm, and preheat capabilities are all included. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get crispy food, this could be it. This appliance is superior to ordinary ovens in terms of performance. 


  • Versatile design.
  • Listed by ETL.
  • 100 recipes are included.
  • Cleaning is painless with the nonstick basket.
  • 13 different ways to prepare food.


  • No potential cons.

Ninja AF101 4 Qt Air Fryer

Our runner-up pick is the Ninja AF101. This ninja air fryer is an ideal buy if you want to eat guilt-free food.

Ninja has user-friendly frying controls that everyone can understand and utilize. Besides the simple layout, this item contains a ceramic-coated 4-quart basket for easy cleanup. 

The temperature range is 105-400 degrees Fahrenheit as well. As a result, convection heat may be used to remove moisture from meals, resulting in crispy dishes gradually.

Compared to typical frying methods, this gadget uses 75 percent less oil. The dishwasher-safe basket is the most prominent aspect of this $200 air fryer.

Preheating the it for around 3 minutes before adding the ingredients is recommended.


  • Small-family-friendly.
  • Superb UI.
  • Reduces oil use.
  • Variable temperatures.
  • Easy to clean.


  • For the first time, there is a little rubbery scent.

Ultrean 4.2 Quart Air Fryer

The first specialty you will notice about the Ultrean 4.2-quart Air Fryer is the modern design with an LCD. The unit’s controls are easy to reach, and cooking is a cakewalk, thanks to the unit’s intuitive design. It is the best economical air fryer under 200$ in 2022.

Besides that, it includes an auto-switch off-timer plus an adjustable temperature range of 180°F to 400°F. You may grill, roast, and bake with this unit’s innovative heating system-rapid air technology, making it one of the most versatile on the market.

This technology also enables it to deliver uniformly cooked dishes meaning that you don’t even need to use a thermometer. A free recipe book that shows you how to make snacks fried, baked, and grilled items using the device are included in your purchase.

It is also fitted with a heat-resistant handle, a removable basket, dishwasher safe, and a nonstick pan. This implies that you don’t need to bother cleaning as when using other models.


  • Temperature adjustment is impressive.
  • LCD with multifunction.
  • Separate pot.
  • It includes a cookbook.
  • Scratch-free design.
  • Best budget fryer.


  • Not highly durable.

Instant Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Fryer

If you ask someone which is the best air fryer to buy from Instant Pot? Then this 10 Quart Air Fryer model will be the answer. Why?

This Instant Pot Vortex model is one of the most beautiful kitchen appliances you’ll ever see. It has seven built-in intelligent programs that allow you to air fry, roast, bake, roast, dehydrate, and broil.

The crisp technology is employed in this model. It results in moist and crispy foods on the interior and outside. This means that you can count on the device to provide incredibly flavorful results no matter what sort of cuisine you prepare.

It boasts a vivid touch screen with 14 touch controls, cooking settings and prompts, and smart programs for more straightforward usage. 

Cleaning is made simpler by including dishwasher-safe components, such as the drip pan, fork, and basket included with this device and rotisserie and cooking trays.

To retain moisture, it circulates super-hot air around the meal. The outcome is evenly cooked food and has a golden, crisp quality.

If you’re in the market for a large air fryer, go no further than this for its excellent cooking capacity and long life span.


  • High-quality design with a vivid display.
  • The container has a capacity of ten gallons.
  • There are seven built-in programs.
  • Protection against overheating for your safety.
  • Certified by ETL.


  • Large size.
  • Costly.

GoWISE USA 8-in-1 5.8-QT Digital Air Fryer

GoWise is a well-known, affordable appliance manufacturer in the air fryer world.

Cooking presets for steak, chips/fries, chicken, pork, pizza, cake, shrimp, and fish are included in the GoWise USA 1400-Watt 5.8 Qt. 

Again, you may set a 30-minute cooking timer with this device. With the new start/stop button, you may change the temperature or time of a cooking cycle in the middle of it. 

You’ll be reminded to shake the ingredients every five, ten, and fifteen minutes by an in-built alarm.

With a removable basket and a nonstick pan, it makes cleaning easy. Additionally, a button guard and cool-to-touch grip keep the device from becoming accidentally detached. Recipes for breakfast, dessert, lunch, and supper are all included in the box.


  • Stylish.
  • Colorful.
  • 8 settings.
  • 1-year warranty on alarm and timer.


  • Weak basket.


Is air-fried food healthy?

Air-frying is safer than oil-frying. It reduces calories by 70% to 80% and is much lower in fat. Using this cooking method, some of the adverse consequences of oil frying may also be reduced.

What are the disadvantages of an air fryer?

In addition to producing high temperatures quickly, air-frying also makes food exceedingly easy to burn. It’s also possible that burned food is harmful to your health.

Is using an air fryer better than using a microwave oven?

In a nutshell, air fryers are far superior to microwave ovens in terms of nutritional value. 
Since air fryers can perform a wide range of tasks without relying on any oil, they are a healthier alternative to microwaves because they don’t use any oil.

What dishes do air fryers do best?

1. Simple to prepare air-fried bacon.
2. Cooked bananas make a quick and easy dessert.
3. An air fryer may produce a tasty steak.
4. Crispy, flavorful chickpeas may be made by frying them.
5. Doughnuts that have been air-fried tend to be light and airy.

Wrapping Up

Picking an air fryer might be difficult since the top models are pricey. That’s why we produce this blog.

If you’re still unsure, we recommend the COSORI 5.8 Qt. air fryer is the best overall option.

We’ve only included products with the most significant number of positive user ratings. So you can also pick from the other four choices. 

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