Apricot Kernel Oil: Is it Bad to use Oil on Skin?

Face Oil: Apricot Kernel Oil

Face Oil: Apricot Kernel Oil

A face oil is highly nourishing emollient responsible to keep your skin moisturized. It contains humectant that help your skin retain its moisture. Unlike what mass majority believes, a facial oil is nothing to feel fear of. It contains omegas (fatty acids) that strengthen skin’s natural barrier & prevent it from environmental aggressors & bacteria penetration. Not all oils are created equally hence the method of application varies. Essential oils must not be confused with a facial oil although both are sourced from plants. The best example of facial oil is “Apricot Kernel oil” that is hailed to treat innumerable beauty woes. It is a head to toe moisturiser – perfect for face, lips, body, heels & even hair.

Does Face Oil cause Acne & Break Out?

A face oil is lipid soluble. A right oil immediately sinks into your skin penetrating the top most layer where it binds moisture with oil, striving to find an oil-moisture balance. It is readily absorbed into skin and leaves no gooey feeling or traces of oil behind. Since face oil is non-comedogenic, it neither feels heavy nor clog your pores. Therefore, expect no break out until & unless you are using a right facial oil.

I have Oily Skin. Do I still need a Face Oil?

Yes, you do! As mentioned earlier, a facial oil does not break out. Indeed, excessive sebum production is a sign of dehydrated skin. When your skin is lacking hydration, it produces more sebum to compensate the loss of moisture. As a result, it breaks out & cause acne. A face oil such as Apricot Kernel oil will sink in, keeping your skin moisturized & glowing.

How do I know I need a Face Oil?

Everybody needs a face oil. Hands down! Our top layer (lipid barrier) is continuously battling with harmful UV rays, environmental pollutants, and chemical laden products etc. When the lipid barrier weakens, it let through harmful toxins into your skin that wreak further havoc. Your skin loses its ability to hold in moisture and as a result you end up having sensitive dry & dehydrated skin that often comes peeling off as the weather takes a shift from warm to colder. Once your lipid layer has been damaged, no regular moisturizer, cream or serums will be able to revert it but a face oil.

Choose your face oil wisely. It is a power house of antioxidants, vitamins, emollients, essential fatty acids, polyphenols etc. When choosing facial oils, staying away from the fragrant oils is your best bet. Fragrant oils are essential oils that are manufactured through distillation process. They are volatile at room temperature & beneficial for aromatherapy but they cannot be used directly on skin due to them being highly irritating.

face oilA face oil is ideal for anyone who needs a quick boost of hydration. It is antiaging, skin softening & nourishing product you will fall in love with. A face oil does not replace your moisturizer but acts a supporting player in your complex skin care routine. Can’t decide which oil to begin with? Try with Nutrimetics Apricot Kernel Oil- 100 apricots in a jar!