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Tupperware Containers: Can I Pack Lunch in a Thermos?

Lunch in a thermos

Lunch in a thermos

Tupperware lunch boxes are ideal to pack your child/husband sandwiches, scrambled eggs, beans & salads. From Hello Kitty Sandwich Keeper to divider lunch boxes, Tupperware does it all without making a dent in your pocket. Problem arises when it is about packing hot food & beverages to your work place.

Although Tupperware containers that boast air-tight and liquid-tight seals help you lock in the gravies without the fear of leaking; they might not keep your food steaming hot by the time you get ready to devour it. Tupperware Flip n Sip Thermos is ideal to keep your hot food hot & cold food cold for up to maximum 6 hours.

Packing Food in Thermos

Thermos has been used since forever to carry hot beverages such as coffee & tea at picnics & work places. Sadly speaking, we have not been making the best of such an ideal insulator by keeping it limited to coffee & tea. Tupperware Flip n Sip flaunts a sleek & ergonomic plastic body in two sexy colors. The silicone stopper at the lid provides exemplary insulation and helps serving the thermos its purpose the best way possible.

Did you know you can carry a dozen of food items in your thermos? It is designed to hold only liquid & saucy food though such as broth, stew with meat balls, pasta, curry and hot beverages like oatmeal, hot chocolate & milk etc. Avoid adding any food that is dry such as rice or scrambled eggs to prevent food-borne infections.

When Packing Hot Food in Thermos

It is suggested to pack your food in thermos closer to the time of leaving. To maximize the heating properties of your thermos, warm it using boiling water & let it stand for few minutes. Drain the water and quickly add the piping-hot food.

When Packing Cold Food in Thermos

Chill your thermos in freezer before adding the cold food contents. You can also add some ice cubes if you prefer not putting it in the freezer. Quickly add your cold drinks & lid it back.

Now, you can safely deliver hot food & beverages to your family members using Flip N Sip thermos.