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Tupperware Storage Mates: Round or Rectangular?

Tupperware storage containers

Tupperware storage containers

When investing in Tupperware storage mates we narrow down our hunt based on various factors. Every product you select has to go through a long session where it is judged for its longevity, quality, seals it boasts and the colour it bears. Rarely do we ever make a selection of storage mates in terms of its shape, which is ironically the most important factor that makes up a storage product.

Why the Shape of Tupperware Storage Mates is Important?

Tupperware storage mates come in different shapes and sizes. They cater to different storage spaces available however for kitchen cabinets the most handy shape you will ever come across is “rectangle/square”. Thank us later but first lets find out the reason how storage containers other than circular can help you saving space in your cabinets and freezer.

Tupperware Storage Mates with Corners Occupies Less Space

If you wish your freezer were a size bigger, start investing in Tupperware storage mates with corners. It makes more sense after you realize how containers having corners sit up over each other closely without any wasted space that is common with circular mates.

Circular vs rectangular

Storage mates with corners are easier to organize. They stack up when filled with food and are easy to nestle under each other when empty. These containers help you organize your spice cabinets, pantry and freezer where the need is to scan through the various food options in minutes.

Before you decide on less important factors such as choosing between hinges and lids, do take note of the shape first. Tupperware storage mates in rectangle/square shape serve the best in small pantry whereas circular containers look best on table when serving food.

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