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How to Store Flours Properly at Home?

plastic kitchen storage containers

There is a vast variety of flours available in grocery store ranging from whole grain to refined, bleached & alternative. No matter what flour you are going to store, it must be an airtight container that prevents air & moisture entering through it. Plastic kitchen storage containers are ideal to store flours of all types since they offer various sizes & shapes. Being inexpensive they have become a necessity of every kitchen be it home or commercial.

Best Method to Store Flours of All Types

Round Plastic Kitchen Storage Containers

First things first, transfer the flour in an airtight plastic kitchen storage container. While it may be very convenient to toss the flour off with its burlap or paper bag in the pantry, it is the most inappropriate way to storing flours. The spilled flour in the pantry invites unwanted critters i.e. flour weevils risking horrendous infestation due to your negligence while storing flours. Since bugs feed on wheat germ, oily bran and wheat protein; whole grain flours are the most vulnerable to insect contamination. Round plastic kitchen storage containers do not only promote proper air circulation to keep the flours at a nice temperature but also minimize wastage due to rounded interiors that containers with angles risk.

Store in a Cool & Dark Spot

Besides air and moisture, heat & sunlight also reduce the shelf life of the flours. Since flours have the large surface area it is easier for the heat to be trapped. This is why round plastic kitchen storage containers are the most appropriate storage containers keeping your flours fresh. Storing flour at a dark spot in your pantry away from oven prevents critters & rancidity.

Refrigerate Flours

Buy only what you need & do not be tempted by sales. However, if you fall a trap to grocery store marketing and end up buying flour in bulk then storing the surplus flour in refrigerator is the best bet. Make some room in your fridge or freezer using airtight freezer safe plastic kitchen storage containers as it will expand the shelf life. You can keep flours up to a year in freezer.

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