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Tupperware Storage: How to Store Home Baked Cookies?

Tupperware Cookie Jar

Tupperware Cookie Jar

Cookies are an essential part of the festivities. Long weekends and holidays go boring if you don’t have a variety of freshly baked cookies to munch on. They also make a staple product of every party; be it a bridal shower, New Year celebrations or your kid’s first birthday. Cookies lose freshness & go stale if they are improperly stored. Having peanut butter cookies tasting like buttermilk or pumpkin is the least you would ever want. Tupperware storage containers provide a complete and efficient solution to keeping your cookies fresh until they last.

Tupperware Storage Containers for Soft Cookies

Keep the type of cookies in mind when selecting Tupperware storage containers. Soft cookies stay good in an air-tight Tupperware storage jar. They need to be out of the humidity as it can soften the cookies even more. Tupperware Counterpart Cookie Jar is a classic addition to your kitchen where it adds beautifully to kitchen aesthetics and etiquette. The jar is an absolute favorite among all family members since it is transparent to help you scan the contents immediately. Lightly tinted, these jars keep the party spirit alive that let you incorporate the jars with your theme.

Tupperware Storage Containers for Crunchy Cookies

Select easy to open one touch cookie jars to store crunchy cookies. They need air to breath yet too much of air will make them lose the taste & freshness. This Festive Royal Red Rose canisters boasts one touch lid that is easy to open and close. It is perfect to store crunchy and hard cookies.

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Tips to Keeps Cookies Fresh until they Last

  1. To keep the soft cookies last you longer with their freshness intact, you can put a slice of white bread in the cookie jar. Cookies will absorb the moisture from the bread slice and remain crispy.
  2. When storing cookies do not pile up cookies with different style & texture together. It is best advised to lock every single type of cookies in freezer bag before locking them in an airtight jar
  3. Cookies with icing, cream cheese, buttermilk and anything perishable must go in the refrigerator right away in a tight container. Sandwich cookies will do fine for a period of three days at room temperature in a sealed container. Do not store cookies in the refrigerator unless noted. The cold air is responsible to rob the cookies off the moisture that will make them taste bland.
  4. Always cool the cookies before tossing them into the jar for storage.