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Tupperware Storage: The Best Packaging for Freezing Food

Tupperware Storage containers for freezer

Tupperware Storage containers for freezer

Your freezer allows you to prepare meals ahead of time. However, you risk your food to lose the texture, color & taste if it has been stored in wrong type of containers or packaging. To ensure, your frozen food tastes as fresh and aromatic as it had been right when you cooked; make sure to use resalable containers that resist moisture and have enough space for food to expand. Some of the cheapest options could be heavy duty aluminum foil & Ziploc bags but Tupperware storage boxes have been the friendliest for house chefs in decades.

Tupperware Storage Containers for Freezers:

Tupperware Storage Freezer Mates

Tupperware freezer mates are specially designed for freezing food. These storage containers are deep enough to hold savory food, vegetables, meat & a lot of other cooked or leftover food. BPA free Freezer mates are light weight, durable, resalable with one-touch & resistant to cracking at low temperatures. However, choose the size carefully when freezing food. A bigger box can lead to freezer burn and oxidation and the smaller size will not allow expansion of food; leading to cracking in Tupperware storage containers.

Rigid Glass Jars & Containers

Tupperware storage vs glass containers

This could be the most expensive mode of freezing the food. Glass jars with wide mouth should be chosen, if glass is what you prefer no matter what. Glass containers are heavy yet people who are concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle prioritize glass over plastic to prevent the risk of BPA. Please keep in mind, not all plastics are bad. Tupperware storage containers specially designated for freezer and microwave are free from BPA and other harmful chemicals.

Plastic Ziploc Bags

ziploc bags

These bags are best for short time storage and saving place. Ziptop bags are available in a variety of sizes and they are good for everything from liquid and savory food to solid food like marinated chicken or even left overs. However you would like to lay them flat first, when freezing so they don’t get the shape of the wire rack. Once frozen you can arrange them as per your likings.

It is up to you how you choose to store the food- what you must never forget is “Labeling” the food!

 If you have less space but a lot of daily meals in small proportions to freeze for a week ahead (lunch for child and husband) Ziploc bags could be the best. On the other hand if you are more into saving the leftover for future usage, you would like to use inexpensive Tupperware storage containers.