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Tupperware Lunch Box Keeps the Sandwiches from Turning Soggy

Wrap sandwiches to keep them fresh longer

Tupperware lunch box and sandwich keeper

Working mothers have a tight schedule to follow every morning. From waking up every one on time to preparing healthy breakfast is no less than a hectic job in itself. Mothers work like a machine but what unplugs them at the end of the day is hearing complaints about sandwiches turning soggy you had packed your child for the lunch. Did you know packing sandwiches in air tight Tupperware lunch boxes will keep them fresh longer? Learn a few more tips and you will never have your efforts wasted.

How to Pack Sandwiches to keep them Fresh Longer?

Wrap sandwiches to keep them fresh longer

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Sandwiches make a great every day snack. Be it about serving those embarrassing late night hunger pangs or about munching while you are on a long journey through a public commute. Therefore, nothing is more of a nightmare than having to find your sandwiches soaked in moisture. The leakage of the condiments & disassembled layers further wreak a havoc that should be avoided by all possible means. Fortunately, trick to keeping your sandwiches is pretty simple. All you need is a Tupperware lunchbox, wax paper & damp towels.

Packing Sandwiches in a Tupperware Lunch Boxtupperware sandwich keeper

First things first. Before making arrangements to pack sandwiches; you must consider the deciding factors i.e. “Time” & “Temperature”

If it is a hot day out & your sandwiches have to travel through long distances- choose crusty bread or cheese rolls. Stay away from egg, mayo & salad dressings as these ingredients are highly perishable. Coating your sandwiches in bread crumbs or toasting them will keep the moisture out.

Assembling Sandwiches

On the other hand, if sandwiches that you pack in the Tupperware lunch box will be tossed in the back pack then stay away from multiple layering. Always place condiments in between the layers of meat at center to prevent bread slices getting mushy. Consider packing tuna, egg and other juicy salads separately & assemble right on the serving. Or otherwise place a fresh & dry lettuce leaf between bread slices and salad to act as a barrier.

Wrapping it Right

Step by step tutorial to wrapping sandwiches

Sandwiches should be wrapped diligently. There is always a reason why they are packed meticulously at the delis? Sandwiches that are soon to be consumed can be wrapped in a plastic cling. Sandwiches that are prepared hours ahead of time should be wrapped in wax papers to prevent them getting soggy yet soft & juicy.

Plastic cling keeps the sandwiches from drying out

Plastic cling keeps the sandwiches from drying out

Tupperware Lunch Box: Travelling with Sandwiches

Tupperware lunch box is the handiest container you will find in your kitchen to keep your sandwiches fresh longer. These air tight containers are only deep enough to have your sandwiches placed in a packed container. Moisture proof, air tight Tupperware lunch box keeps sandwiches securely snug & prevent disassembling/ leakage of the ingredients.

Wrap sandwiches carefully in a wax paper & place them in your chosen Tupperware lunch box. Place a damp towel over the wax paper & lid the lunch box tightly. Wrapping your sandwiches this way will keep them fresh longer. Prepare your snacks a night before the party & still be able to enjoy the finger licking scrumptious sandwiches every day.

Wrap in ecofriendly reusable beeswax wrap to keep food warm & fresh. Carry in Tupperware lunch box if it has to be later tossed in the backpack.

Wrap in ecofriendly reusable beeswax wrap to keep food warm & fresh. Carry in Tupperware lunch box if it has to be later tossed in the backpack.

Sandwiches are delicate & perishable. Storing them in Tupperware lunch boxes will help you find them in perfect shape when its time to chow them down!