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Tupperware Juist: Why Juices extracted manually are more Nutritious?

Orange Pomegranet juice freshly extracted from hand juicer by Tupperware

In hot summer, children and adults both lose minerals & important vitamins due to the increased rate of perspiration. To fulfil the deficiency of vital nutrients in the body, it is necessary to increase fluid intake and that too in the form of fresh fruits. Consume whole food when possible but drinking fresh fruit juices provide instant relief from the intense heat wave. Fresh & colder summer drinks also lower down the body temperature that prevent human body from heat stroke. Tupperware Juist is a manual juicer that is handy & portable. If your daily routine consists of travelling, or you are involved in strenuous physical activities; nothing will be more ingenious than carrying your own juicer. Take a break, extract your healthy juices & stay hydrated in summer.

Juist Manual Juicer: Prepare Healthy Drinks on the go

Though machine aka automatic juicers help you produce large quantity juices in no time, they risk reducing the quality of your extract. Since they add heat to the drink as they are electrically operated, some of the nutrients get compromised. On the other hand Tupperware Juist needs no power. With only little hand pressure, you get nutritious fruit drink rich in minerals particularly potassium & multi vitamins.

Juist Tupperware juicer is compact than conventional electric juicers which means occupation of less counter space.

Construction of Juist by Tupperware

tw components

It is highly attractive & functional. Being red in color and constructed from high quality food grade plastic, this manual juicer is capable of bearing great deal of pressure. The design indicates that it has been thoughtfully engineered for home use where cleaning, assembling & dismantling is given utmost attention. The all three components of the juicer are easily stackable. The bottom jar for the juice, the central mesh for holding the fiber & the top plunger for pressure are free from corners or ridges that could cause bruises. The corners are smooth whereas the light weight plastic body enables you to travel with your juicer during hot summer.

Benefits of Juices extracted from Juist Tupperware

Juices extracted from manual juicers fall into the category of cold-pressed juices that require pressure & squeezing to extract pulpy produce or a liquid drink directly from the food & vegetable. Unlike machine juicers that generate heating due to centrifugal force; the juices made via Juist are more colorful & rich in texture. Juist juices are readily absorbed by the body. Furthermore Juist juices stay fresh longer due to the less oxidation that you could clearly notice in machine extractors. The metal blade that spins with speed in machine juicers actually “cook” the juice & kill the vitamins. On the other hand Juist keeps minerals, vitamins, proteins & other trace nutrients intact.

With Juist you can extract juices from citrus as well as non-juicy fruits.

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