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Tupperware Containers: Shall I Buy Round Containers or Square?

Tupperware Round Containers

Tupperware containers

Food containers help prevent cross contamination, bacterial growth & help preserving the taste & texture. Choosing food containers on the basis of material is already mind boggling thus we tend to ignore the shape of containers. Tupperware containers are available in square and round shapes- each has to serve a significant purpose. Are you struggling to buy yourself food containers that fit both dry & wet food storage? Continue to read below what you should invest in.

Tupperware Containers: Square/ Rectangular

Tupperware containers boast square round, rectangular & square shapes that consists of four sides and corners. Square containers are easily stack-able and they are synonymous to maximizing your storage space. If you wish your freezer compartment was 27% bigger, you shall try storing your food in square Tupperware containers.

Tupperware Square containers

Although the edges make square containers slightly less durable than round counterparts, they are great at maximizing your storage space. It is recommended to store dry food ingredients, meat, vegetables & fruit chops in square containers.

Tupperware Containers: Round Storage Containers

Tupperware Round Containers

Round Tupperware containers are great for storing liquid food. They are great for stirring, making stews, storing sauces and chutneys. Round containers allow equal air flow which leads to even thawing and faster cooling times. Although they take more space in your cabinets and freezer/refrigerator they ensure less food waste that we see in square food containers.

Round containers are considered durable because they don’t have edges that go weaker with the usage. Store your liquid food in round containers since they prevent spilling.

Which is better?

Tupperware Containers- Round & Square

It is your call. Depending on your needs and available storage space, you can pick either of the two. It is suggested to have a combination of both square and round containers since having your food stored in all square containers will obstruct the air flow around the containers. Try this Tupperware Containers set that contains a little of everything