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How to Trick yourself into drinking more Water in winter?

Tupperware Eco Bottles

Tupperware Eco Bottles- The precise opening is perfect for making Detox Drinks

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An inviting design of the bottle can keep you glued with it

Our body needs enough of the water to help kidneys flush out the toxins. Unfortunately, most of us find it tedious and boring to incorporate drinking water into the daily regimens. You will find people never running out of excuses for drinking less water than required. In winter the situation takes a gross turn- water intake is cut down to more than half, yeah very pity. To prevent dehydration in winter, trick yourself into drinking more water ingeniously, using Tupperware bottles. A water bottle is best to help you achieve your water consumption goals.

Tupperware Bottles help you 5 Ways Drinking more Water

1.Invest in Quality Reusable Tupperware bottles

Reusable Eco Tupperware bottles

Reusable Tupperware bottle

Having to sit down for water & pouring it into a midget from the jug is itself a turn off & frustrating. Contrary to this, drinking from a pet bottle that is virtually liquid tight & spill proof remains the attraction of the day. Tupperware bottles are available in different sizes & designs but are either usually translucent or transparent to keep your beverage game on point. Though you can invest in steel bottle they are often heavy to carry & opaque which keeps you judging the water level inside.

2.Fruit Infusion Tupperware Bottles & Tumblers

Tupperware Eco Bottles

Tupperware Eco Bottles- The precise opening is perfect for making Detox Drinks

If you are one of the many who does not like the taste of water, you can always jazz it up infusing with fruits, herbs & vegetables. Tupperware bottles & thirst quake tumblers seems to fulfill the job quite efficiently. When out carry your fruit infused water bottle & enjoy sipping every now & then.

3.Incorporate Drinking Habit into Everyday Routine

at work

Yes we all forget to drink water or maybe we purposefully neglect it in winter. The trick to fulfill the water requirements of the body is to incorporate drinking habit into your everyday work routine. Have a glass of water after waking up & brushing teeth. Have it again when you are bed to sleep at night. Tupperware bottles help you set your water intake goals. Keep it full and keep it close. A fruit infused water bottle at your work desk will keep reminding you how inviting can water intake be.

4. A Glass of Water after Every Shot of Cocktail

Tupperware Tumbler

A water tumbler can help you quench your thirst

Try to replace caffeine & cocktails with water. The key to keep your body hydrated in winter is to drink water more frequently. A glass full of water against every cocktail shot is the rule of thumb to stay healthy throughout the day. Additionally, it is said to have an extra glass of water per hour of the exercise you do. A sturdy base tumbler or a high handolier with a pouch is perfect to hit gym with.

5.Keep a Filling Source Near by

Drinking water is easier when you have a gallon jug nearby to keep filling your water bottle repeatedly. Tupperware Twist n Pour occupies less space but is an ideal size to reserve a large quantity of water. Take it for an outdoor picnic or keep it handy at your kitchen counter as a reminder to guzzle down more water.

Eco drinking Tupperware bottles

Water is the best snack with zero calories. Push yourself into drinking more water today and see the results tomorrow. Investing in a quality Tupperware bottle is like well begun & half done!