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Can I Bake Cake in Tupperware Microwave Bowls?

Tupperware microwave bowls

Tupperware microwave bowls

Tupperware microwave safe containers are safe for reheating food however using those in oven will warp them. Plastic containers that are meant to be used in microwave will melt when exposed to baking. Interestingly enough, you can still bake a cake using the same microwave safe bowls. How? Read below

At this point, it is crucial to understand the difference between microwave convection oven & a basic microwave. Tupperware containers that are safe to go in the simple microwave cannot stand heat of the convection mode.

What is a Convection Oven?

Microwave oven with added functionality of convection oven is an alternate of conventional oven. The only difference between conventional oven and convection oven is the energy required to operate. Instead of gas, microwave convection oven uses electrical energy to bake the food hence you may find your food being baked faster. Tupperware microwave containers must not be exposed to convection baking. If unfortunately you have no oven safe containers but you have been craving for a cake; here is a quick solution. Bake cake in the microwave instead, using the same Tupperware microwave containers that you use to reheat the food.

Baking Cake in Microwave using Tupperware Microwave Safe Bowls

Baking cake in microwave yields almost the same results. However, if you are fond of crunchy crust, microwave cakes will be slightly disappointing. Baking cake in microwave is quick & instant that takes around 2-3 minutes only depending on your machine.

You may adopt any standard recipe and it will bake the same soft, fudgy & light cake. Pour all the ingredients in any Tupperware microwave safe bowl & mix it using a fork. Slide your cake mix into microwave & set the duration for two minutes. (Because you’re using microwave, no preheating is required). Make sure you’re baking individual batches since larger quantities will not be baked properly in microwave.

When you see your cake mix has risen & looks puffy, you may turn the microwave off. Insert a toothpick & bake for a minute or two more if it is still gooey.

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Let the container cool down. Either serve it in the same Tupperware microwave bowl you have baked in or convert it into a platter if you plan to serve it separately with a chocolate sauce or ice-cream.