Tupperware Care & Usage

4 Signs you must Replace Tupperware Storage Boxes

Tupperware Storage Containers

Tupperware Storage Containers

Although Tupperware storage containers come with a life time warranty against chipping & warping, over time they show tell a tale signs that it is time to replace your Tupperware storage containers. Tupperware containers should be handled carefully otherwise you might end up voiding the limited lifetime warranty without even realising. We understand house chefs develop a certain kind of attachment with their favorite Tupperware storage box but it is in the best favor of your family to replace the broken/damaged unit as soon as possible. Compromised plastic containers are prone to producing food borne illnesses as they may leach harmful chemicals or even become a breeding ground of bacteria.

1.Warped Tupperware Storage Box

Tupperware storage containers that mention “microwave safe” are able to with stand heating inside a microwave. However, they are not safe to cook food in nor they are meant to be use carelessly. If a product has been exposed to boiling liquid or fatty content such as oil, it will melt voiding the warranty. Always cool down the piping hot food slightly before transferring it into Tupperware storage box.

Sometimes you are left with a warped/melted container upon accidentally bringing it too close to the stove. Don’t continue to use broken/melted/chipped Tupperware storage containers as it may lead to serious health concerns in the long run.

2.Tupperware Storage Containers with Mismatched Lids

The most painful thing about collecting Tupperware storage boxes is storing them wisely. If you just toss them in your cabinet they may soon start to clutter and form an uncontrolled avalanche. Storing poorly may leave you with dozens of deformed containers that have lost their structure and uniqueness. Organize your Tupperware cabinet to help your containers last you the longest & start downsizing. You don’t really need the containers you don’t have the matching lids for. Broken lids or lids that do not fit don’t have to find a space in your cabinet.

3.Stained and Scratched Tupperware Containers

The brand Tupperware recommends to observe caution when dealing with food containing natural dyes such as tomato puree, green leafy vegetables & sauces. Food dyes may stain your container and will eventually sit into the crevices. Hot fatty food and concentrated in sugar content may also leave the same damage. Try these hacks to remove food stains from Tupperware storage boxes or buy replacement.

4. Wrong Size of Tupperware Storage Boxes

Depending on your kitchen cabinets and storage space you might prefer one shape of Tupperware over another. Some feel round containers meet their needs the best while others will opt for square containers– either way you only find the perfect containers as per your requirements and storage space with after a little trial and error. If you have all wrong sizes, donate them & get yourself a new supply to fit your storage space.

Tupperware boxes purchased before 2010 are not BPA free so this might also be one of the reasons you would want to replace your inventory. Above all Tupperware is always producing new eye catchy and festive designs that you may find your heart falling for. Got no reason to replace your current stock? Simply expand your collection by investing more on your favorite Tupperware storage items!