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4 Clever Ways to Remove Tomato Stains from Tupperware Storage Boxes

Cleaning tomato stains from Tupperware storage boxes

Tupperware storage boxes are portable, lightweight & budget friendly. From food preparation to serving; these plastic containers move easily from microwave to your dinner table. However, such plastic containers are prone to staining. Since Tupperware storage containers are perforated, they absorb everything that is soaked in. It is recommended to rinse your containers immediately followed by a water + detergent wash to prevent food dyes leaving repugnant smells & stains. Though most of the food stains are easily removable with conventional home treatments; tomato sauce leaves the most stubborn stains because of the acidic nature. Follow these 3 clever tricks below to make your Tupperware storage containers shine again.

1.Cleaning Tupperware Storage Platters with Rubbing Alcohol

Discoloration caused by tomato puree, gravy & dips is often unobliterated. Food dyes, particularly tomatoes’ may stain your favorite Tupperware storage boxes permanently. Rubbing alcohol has been very effective, removing a number of stains caused by food dyes. To remove tomato stains; prepare a mild solution of rubbing alcohol & water. Rinse your containers right after they are emptied. If the stains are long-lasting, you may let the rubbing alcohol sit in the container for few minutes.  Make sure you test a little area for blisters to appear. If the container shows no sign with in first few moments; you are free to proceed.

2.Alternate of Rubbing Alcohol- Hand Sanitizer

Rubbing alcohol is not always readily available in homes. The best alternate is “Hand Sanitizer” in the absence of rubbing alcohol. The procedure is same- squirt, rub, rinse & wash. The active ingredient in hand sanitizer is “Alcohol” hence the science remains the same.

3.Removing Food Discoloration from Tupperware Storage Containers using Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine bleach is known for its color-cutting properties. In case of strong stains caused by heavily pureed tomato sauces and dips you may want to leave chlorine bleach or any kitchen detergent with bleach in it in your container overnight. Wash your stained container the morning after with detergent and water. Keep a note that bleach obliterates all kind of stains but may deteriorate the container. Only high quality, durable Tupperware storage containers would be able to standby.

4.Preventing Food dyes Discoloration

Prevention is better than cure.  To keep tomato dye from staining your plastic ware; it is necessary to serve greasy food & hot gravies. Avoid microwaving food containing tomato in any form in Tupperware storage containers or plates. Microwave rays bake-in the stains and you will be left with permanently damaged & stained container.

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