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4 DIY Hangover Drinks: Healthy Drinks for the Morning After

Tupperware bottles & smoothies

Tupperware bottles & smoothies

Christmas holidays can be brutal due to prolonged hang over & dizziness. Productivity among office workers is greatly compromised the week followed after the Christmas vacations. In such a scenario, DIY zesty healthy drinks provide a burst of nutrients to adults fighting against the hangover effects. Tupperware bottles are spill-proof, break proof & airtight that makes carrying the anti-hangover smoothies hassle-free, wherever you want.

but the trick is not going to last long, sadly.

but the trick is not going to last long, sadly.

As per the experts, the science behind combating hangover is tough to decode. Everyone’s body reacts differently. However, there has been a consensus among doctors that when you are hung over, you are dehydrated. Dehydration leaves your skin dry & brittle. It makes your body lose minerals & body salts. Overcoming the hung-over dehydration, your body needs to be replenished immediately. Drinking water & keep drinking seems to be the only solution but things don’t have to be this boring when you have creative gurus from Tupperware containers available. Prepare cost effective anti-hangover 4 different smoothies the morning after the party night to help your head into the work again!

4 Tupperware Bottles: 4 Anti-Hangover Homemade Drinks

1.Honey & Lemon Drink

Honey contains potassium and fructose that helps counteract the hangover symptoms. The fructose effectively metabolizes the extra alcohol whereas lemon balances the PH level and rehydrates the body. Mix 2tsp of fresh lemon juice and 1 tsp of honey to a glass of warm water. Sip it as soon as you wake up in the morning & take the rest of it to your office in one of your favorite Tupperware bottles.

2.Anti-Hangover Elixir           

This homemade elixir is a magical concoction of coconut water, cranberry juice & table salt. Coconut water soothes nausea & replenishes electrolytes whereas cranberry juice is rich in antioxidants that eliminates the hangover effects; particularly the dizziness & heaviness of head. Salt fulfils the deficiency of the bodily essential minerals that you might have lost during your hangover due to excessive vomiting. Prepare a potion of 4c: 1/2c: 1/4tsp . Mix until salt is dissolved. Refrigerate till the morning. Convert it into your favorite Hello Kitty Tupperware bottles & try consuming the magical drink within first hour of your work.

3.Fruity Burst

This colorful smoothie is going to be the mega burst of healthy nutrients. The deliciousness it carries will force you to consume it right away, making you achieve your work goals more quickly than planned. Blend almond milk, acai berries, spinach, pomegranate & vitamin powder. Convert it into one of the spill proof liquid tight Tupperware bottles & carry it to work.

4.Banana Milk Shake

Banana is the rich source of potassium which your body drains out most when you are dehydrated. Prepare banana milkshake sweetened with the honey & consume it slowly throughout the day.

Though the only permanent cure to a hangover & upset stomach is time, you can prepare these easy peasy drinks the other morning to get your head into working mode again. As the day ends & you finish consuming the 4 drinks, you will be happily amazed to see yourself fully energized & spirited!

Tupperware bottles Hello Kitty

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Note: Always carry your smoothies in BPA free Tupperware bottles as ordinary plastic bottles do worse than you expect. The harmful chemicals that are seeped into beverages by poor plastic will aggravate the hangover symptoms- unfortunately most of us, fail to realize.