Tupperware Care & Usage

How to Handle Tupperware Containers?

tupperware containers

Tupperware containers come with limited lifetime warranty and this is what set them different than ordinary dollar store plastic containers. They will last you years without being chipped off, going stained or cracked. However, it is very important to handle Tupperware containers gently or else you will void the warranty. If your toddler keeps dropping your Tupperware containers, you won’t be refunded. In order to make your containers last you the longest, adopt following practices!

Have Dedicated Tupperware Containers for Kitchen & Laundry

You must keep separate containers for your cleaning and food needs. Never store food in the containers you might have previously stored a cleaning liquid or detergent. It still remains unsafe even if you have washed it thoroughly. Cleaning detergents are harsh chemicals that may cause microscopic crevices and scratches on your containers. These holes and crevices may be still holding up to chemicals that will leach into your food.

Read the Labels

It is important you take note of the bottom labels. Please develop an understanding of Tupperware codes before you put a container into use. Do not reheat food in non-microwave containers. Similarly do not freeze food in containers other than freezer mates.

Do not Pour Hot Liquids into Tupperware Containers

Even if your purchased container is heat friendly; wait a couple of minutes till the liquid food releases the heat. After the boiling temperature begins to settle down, you can transfer it into Tupperware containers safely. Piping hot savories may stain the containers and what worse? Hot liquid will melt your Tupperware containers and leave them warped.

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Tupperware Containers in the Top Rack of Dishwasher Only

The safest way is to wash plastic containers by hand. If it is too late to begin washing with hand since dishwasher has already done the disaster of making you lazy then better put them in the top rack only. The heat element in the bottom rack is too intense that will warp & melt holes in your containers.

Tupperware containers - Bottle recycled

Fine example of reusing Plastic Containers

Do not use plastic boxes that are warped, cracked, scratched or cloudy. These old plastic containers may leach BPA (harmful chemicals) into your food every time they are heated. Instead, recycle them! Unlike dollar store containers; Tupperware containers are warranted against chipping, breaking, scratching or peeling under normal non-commercial home use for lifetime. Will you be replacing your cheap plastic food boxes and takeaway containers with Tupperware?