Tupperware for Babies

Which Containers are Best for Storing Breast Milk?

tupperware milk bottle

tupperware milk bottle

Breast milk is liquid gold and mothers around the world would go above and beyond to save the last drop of the milk. It’s a daily ordeal to pump the milk through the breasts but storing breast milk to help it hold its nutritious value the longest, could be the toughest part of the job. According to Mayo Clinic, breast milk stays fresh at room temperature for 6-8 hours; provided it is kept in hard plastic BPA free containers. You can buy Tupperware online to ensure your baby gets the breast milk without bacterial contamination.

Tupperware bottles specifically designed for babies & toddlers are high quality plastic containers that are free from harmful chemicals. Though these bottles could be slightly more expensive than what is available at dollar store, the health risks that comes with the dollar bottles is greater than the price difference.

How to Store Breast Milk?

Tupperware feeding set for babies

Breast milk could be stored in the pre-sanitized bags meant for storing breast milk but it carries the risk of spilling. Since the bags can’t be as hard and structural as Tupperware baby bottles are, it is better to store the milk in the safest option i.e. hard plastic cups/ bottles. On the other hand, bags might tear, contaminate and leak. To prevent this, bags filled with milk can be placed in Tupperware food storage container with a liquid tight/air tight seal.

  • Do not store breast milk in disposable liners or household bags. Look for the capped & clean hard plastic BPA free containers & to date Tupperware has been the best option for storing breast milk. Buy Tupperware online with free shipping.
  • Do not forget to label the name of your baby on the bottle, if you are preparing the stash for his day care center. Be careful to not to add warm (freshly expressed breast milk) to already refrigerated milk since it will partially thaw the old milk. Make sure you cool down the expressed milk by keeping the Tupperware in an icepack before adding it to the old stock.
  • Make your baby consume the milk in one hour once he has started sipping on the milk. Or take out only the quantity you expect him to drink at once. Using a 4oz Tupperware bottle for babies less than 3 months and a 9 oz bottle for older babies will keep the job easy.