Organizing with Tupperware

Tupperware Containers: Which Pantry Items should I Keep Airtight?

use Tupperware Containers to store the remaining from the store packaging

Once opened, convert the remaining into an airtight Tupperware container to seal-in the freshness

Kitchen is a place where you stock and store your dry goods, spices & herbs and even leftover food and surplus. We are sorry to break this to you but in the absence of Tupperware Containers, it makes your kitchen far more a breeding ground of pests, bugs and insects than a safe place to dine in. Being too lazy to properly shut down and seal the packaging may lead to inconspicuous growth of kitchen pests- to get rid of which you require a “Complete round of Cleanup”.

Flours are no Exception..

Kitchen moths are probably hiding & reproducing in your whole grains & flour sacs. Since we are too busy transferring herbs & spices into airtight Tupperware containers, we tend to neglect storing our different types of flours properly. Though all purpose flour can last you several months even when stored poorly; whole wheat flour & grains get rancid way earlier due to the abundance of rich proteins found in them. It is suggested to store flours and dry spices that you do not use into refrigerator and in reseal-able plastic zip top bags or airtight Tupperware containers. Refrigerating flours will kill any eggs (if present) from at the time you brought it home.

Items you must keep in Airtight Tupperware Containers

Though glass jars are a cheaper option; they wont last you long. They shed corners over time, get hazy and what worse than finding a broken jar carrying your condiments into thousands of the pieces. Not only Tupperware containers are handy, lightweight & clear but also break/damage proof. If you have a limited no of Tupperware containers then these ingredients sure need to be stored in them.

airtight Tupperware containers

Spices: Spices must be stored in airtight Tupperware containers. Dedicated modular mates, available in square and round help you organize your kitchen cabinets as per the space available.

Dry Fruits: Keeping dry fruits in airtight Tupperware containers will prevent them going further dry and chewy.

Sugars: Sugar is hydroscopic which means it attracts moisture. When exposed to moisture sugar will be beady and clumped.

Beans, Lentils, Rice, Pasta & Grains: Airtight Tupperware containers keep moisture lock outside. These food items, due to the nutritional value attract insects. When left opened pests may find a way in for groundbreaking reproduction.

Flours: It is necessary to have dedicated Tupperware canisters for keeping flours. Since flours come in big packaging you might want to have deeper containers to hold the entire package.

Tupperware containers help you organize your pantry, cabinets, fridge and freezer. Having a neat space will keep infestations at bay while making your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing. It will be cheaper to buy mini sets of Tupperware containers than having to buy each item separately. You can also reuse plastic ziptop bags and takeaway food containers but they may not be BPA free.