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Don’t Toss out Thanksgiving Leftovers: Store them in Tupperware Containers


Thanksgiving is the only occasion that brings family together on a single dining table. The festivities don’t get over even by the end of the day since Thanksgiving meal yields luxuriously tasty leftovers. Prolong the duration of your family feast by storing the leftovers immediately two hours after the dinner is served. It is a good idea to pack away the leftover food to the guests’ way home. This prevents the risks of food wastage & minimize the chances of contamination. The remaining surplus could be refrigerated for later use. Storing the leftover from Thanksgiving meal however, should be done mindfully in right containers i.e. shallow containers by Tupperware with air tight seals. You may also need liquid tight seals to preserve the beverages.

Why to Store Food from Thanksgiving Leftovers in Tupperware Containers?

Thanksgiving leftover in Tupperware containers


Tupperware containers allow the most feasible meal storage. The aim is to move food quickly from microwave to dinner table. It is made possible by containers, specially engineered to meet the storage needs of different food items respectively. Either you’re to store meat or gravy or raw condiments & vegetables from the feast; Tupperware containers provide the best solutions.

Storing Turkey

turkey leftover

Elixir of Thanksgiving is undeniably “Turkey”. The key to maintain the freshness & texture of the food while you are storing it for later use, is to cool it down first. Instead of refrigerating the whole turkey, it is advised to carve off the bones and make smaller portions. This is to facilitate quick cooling. Remove the stuffing and store it separately in at least 2” shallow Tupperware containers. Don’t stack up the containers in the fridge/freezer until the food is completely frozen or else it will trap the heat from the food & risks contamination.

Tupperware fridge & freezer mates ensure your turkey stay fresh longer, nicely aromatic & in fine texture even when you freeze it. Tupperware freezer mates will help you enjoy the leftover past 2-3 months of the family feast whereas refrigerating turkey will keep your meat edible for the next three days to come.

divided dish

When reheating the food for later consumption, please be mindful of doing it in batches. Reheat only the portion that you intend to consume right away because reheating food multiple times is injurious to health. Gravies, soups & other hot sauces should be brought to boil on stove top as it kills the bacteria but if you prefer convenience you can reheat using microwave safe Tupperware containers. Microwaveable Tupperware containers make serving easier & food consumption easiest. Using a divider dish you can reheat several items from your thanksgiving leftover at once. For instance, mashed potatoes, turkey meat, sauces & gravies to go with your roasted turkey fillets.

Storing Cooked & Raw Vegetables


All the vegetables should rest in Tupperware fridge mates. These Tupperware containers follow a vent system that you can control as per the type of your greens. The vents allow swift circulation of air within the boxes that keep the raw vegetables healthy green & crisp. Cooked vegetables such as spinach, glazed beans, caramelized onions & almonds, yams & potatoes should go in airtight Tupperware containers that are compact in size to meet space needs of small refrigerators efficiently.

Storing Cakes & Pies


Desserts & cakes are safe to go in refrigerator covered, or uncovered. It is advised to keep them refrigerated in covered Tupperware containers since this will keep your refrigerator odor free. Tupperware has released Petite Square Round Set particularly for the festive season. The set is deep enough to keep your cakes refrigerated in perfect shape & texture.

Storing Dry Ingredients

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Bread rolls, biscuits & other dry ingredients are stored in air tight Tupperware containers but they don’t need to be refrigerated. They last you the most since bacteria growth is most facilitated in wet foods. Storing such food items in decorative One Touch Tupperware containers provides new dimensions to your storage capabilities. Since dry ingredients move most frequently among family members as a snack, it is advised to have them handy in presentable containers.

Homemade Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner with Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, and Corn

Homemade Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner with Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, and Corn

Happy Thanksgiving. Remember the feast is not over yet. Make the most of your leftovers by storing them in right containers. You might have spent a considerable amount of money in arranging the feast; so the food must not go down the drain. Yet, anything that does not smell good or look good should be binned because health is the top priority!