Tupperware Care & Usage

Understanding Tupperware Warranty

Tupperware is the name of longevity, durability and reliability. It is the first step towards good health & saving money. In the long run Tupperware ensures cancer prevention by abandoning using cancer causing chemicals in its products. Not only is Tupperware eco-friendly, it doubles the satisfaction by offering life time warranty. However, the life time warranty does not cover every type of damage. Using your containers with diligent care & following the manufacturer’s instructions properly will keep your containers looking new even after ages.

Tupperware guarantees that all products are bound to receive a replacement if damaged under domestic circumstances & non-commercial use. The warranty is given against chipping, warping, breaking & peeling. The warranty becomes void if the product melts due to customer’s negligence, breaks due to accidental falls or show significant signs of careless usage such as scratches, stains & microwave damage.

How does Tupperware Lifetime Warranty works for Replacement?

Tupperware replaces parts covered under warranty. If any particular piece has been discontinued then Tupperware will provide replacement with comparable value. Please contact your Tupperware consultant or call your local customer support for Tupperware replacement.



Chipping may occur along the edges of a product.


Breaking produces a hole in the product.


Peeling can occur mainly in older products.


Can be large or tiny, like this crazing (network of fine cracks).


Products manufactured after September 1979 are dishwasher safe and if warped, are eligible for replacement.

Q Warranty

Warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for up to one year after purchase.

G Warranty

Warranted to be free of manufacturing defects upon receipt. You have 30 days from purchase to request free replacement.



Food stains and discoloration do not affect the performance of the product and are not covered under Tupperware warranties.


Warranty does not cover scratches that happen under normal product use.

Cuts or Chewing

Cuts by knives or other sharp objects including chewing are not covered by warranty.

Microwave Damage

Foods high in sugar or fat can cause this type of damage when microwaved, but it does not affect the performance of the product so are not covered by warranty.


If products touch a burner on the stove, a heating element in the dishwasher or other extremely hot objects, the heat can melt the product. Melting is not covered by warranty.


Before September 1979, products were not manufactured to be dishwasher safe and warping due to dishwashers prior to this period are not covered by warranty.

Q Warranty

Damage to Q Warranty products are not covered when damage is the result of improper care such as rusting blades.

If your item has both covered and not covered types of damage, it is covered by warranty. Yay!