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The Best Way to Store Leftover Pizza: Tupperware Microwave Containers

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Leftover pizza slices make delicious next day lunch but don’t we all hate to consume the soggy & soft pizza? Pizza crust and zinger burgers tend to get moist as the sauce from tomato & drippings from the juicy meat settles into the crust & buns. The thinner the crust, the soggier it will get. Shoving the leftover pizza slices right into the fridge in the ubiquitous box you receive the pizza in, will spoil the texture & taste both. Furthermore, it crams your refrigerator which increases the risks of bacteria accumulation & leave odors in your fridge. Storing the leftover pizza slices the right way will retain the taste & keep your refrigerator organized. Tupperware microwave containers move food from microwave to the dinner table with the freshness, aroma & texture intact.

How to Store & Reheat Leftover Pizza in Tupperware Microwave Containers

Some people prefer wrapping their leftover pizza slices with plastic cling before refrigeration. However plastic cling is not free from the cons. It carries the risk of messing with the pizza topping. Also, reheating food with plastic cling is injurious to health since as per latest studies plastic when heated leach harmful chemicals into food. The best way to store left over pizza in its original taste is to store the slices in air-tight Tupperware microwave containers. Tupperware microwave storage boxes come with a vent that circulates hot-air and ensures even reheating. They are made from non-toxic food grade plastic that does not leach harmful chemicals when reheated.

Preparation: Refrigerating Leftover Pizza Slices to Consume the Next Day

It is better to consume the left over pizza & similar baked food within 48 hours. Leftover food should be refrigerated within 2 hours after being cooked. To store the left over pizza, line your Tupperware microwave storage box with a paper towel and start stacking the leftover pizza slices. Place paper towel in between the stacked slices. Put the lid shut and move it onto the fridge’s shelf. Storing the leftover this way saves time you would spend converting your food from one container to another when reheating & serving.

The moisture will be absorbed by the paper towels that will prevent turning your pizza crust soggy. Tupperware microwave containers are perfect to refrigerate, reheat & serve the leftover food.

glass of water

Bonus Tip: Placing a glass full of water beside the pizza when reheating in the microwave will keep the crust crispy & tasty the way it was when fresh. The water in the glass will prevent microwaves reaching deep inside the crust while doing the fine job to melt the cheese.