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Tupperware Storage: The Benefits of Plastic Food Containers

Tupperware Storage

Tupperware Storage

When you think of plastic containers you think of convenience, durability & cost-effectiveness. Plastic is omnipresent. It is prolific. It is available in bewildering array of designs, colors, shapes & sizes. It is very unlikely that you name a need & you don’t find a plastic container meeting your requirement. Unfortunately, not all plastic is created equal. Do you think your takeaway containers- containers holding margarine, yogurt & sauces, or other disposable variety you buy your food in are safe to be reused? Think again! Plastic is made from several organic and inorganic compounds with added plasticizers that when reheated or frozen leach harmful Endocrinol disruptive chemicals unless you are lucky to have Tupperware storage containers. Tupperware storage containers are made from BPA FREE plastic– yet not all Tupperware storage boxes are BPA free. Therefore, be very careful when buying your food containers for the purpose of cooking & reheating.


There is no denial in the fact that plastic containers are the most durable containers. They are most likely to withstand light trauma. Although they are vulnerable to occasional warping, chipping, cracking & melting; using them as per the manufacturer’s instruction will help you making the most of these. Plastic is inexpensive and so are the containers. You can get them for a dime a dozen from dollar store but the quality you get is nothing in comparison with Tupperware storage containers. Tupperware storage boxes are available with limited life time warranty. They can withstand sub-zero temperature in your freezer, can tolerate microwave radiation yet stay new & scratch free.

Tupperware Storage Containers

Unlike cheap plastic containers, Tupperware storage boxes are kept break-proof, stain & scratch resistant. The other counterparts i.e. glass & ceramic needs diligent handling & care. One wrong move and you may end up breaking your containers into several hundreds and thousands of shards.

Ideal Food Storage

Tupperware storage containers come with lids that seal in food’s freshness. The lids are tightly snapped on that do not allow bacteria & humidity enter into the food. This keeps food’s aroma, texture & freshness intact. Pyrex on the other hand does not always come with lids. Storing food in aluminum and metal pots also has its drawbacks. Condensation occurs on these containers and it may be the possible reason of significantly reducing the life of your cooked food.

Furthermore, it is easy to store Tupperware storage containers even if you have narrow and compact kitchen storage available. Nestle empty containers into each other & keeps all lids aside. When you are in hurry, you can easily rummage through them until you find what you have been looking for, without breaking them. This practise is not safe with glass containers.


Tupperware storage containers are definitely cheaper than metal & glass pots. They are produced on a large scale that reduces the price as a result. They are made available in every shape & size that further reduce the price. Since they are high in demand due to the convenience they offer, they are the most sought after plastic containers.

BPA FREE Tupperware storage lunch boxes

As with everything there are downsides of using plastic. Plastic is a porous material and it absorbs smell & food dyes that is the major reason of deterioration. Although Tupperware storage containers resist stains, it is recommended to let boiling food cool down before transferring it into your favorite Tupperware. Care should be taken when dealing with saucy, cheesy and fatty food as such food items are strong in fat content & may warp your container. However, the pros of using Tupperware storage containers down weighs its cons. With using plastic containers you take a step towards greener planet by reducing plastic waste to the landfills. You can reuse, re purpose and recycle Tupperware storage container once it has spent maximum time in your cabinet!